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白珊个人资料|nironIn the past, the huns relied on their personal prestige, and once their momentum was frustrated, they would fall into a deep depression. However, at present, this army has some kind of command and order, which is arrogant, but strong in the outside, but also more dangerous.Juyan city, the palace.Lv bu's three chief coincident visit, he yi nature dare not neglect, hurriedly trotted into the workshop to inform lv bu, will soon come out three people to meet in, as for liao hua brought horse, wait in place outside the camp, did not get permission, the general army is not allowed to be close to the camp.

"Afraid of what? You're the only one here. You think you can run away?" Lu lingqi narrowed her eyes, thinking of killing her."Yuan benchu?" Fang Ming was stunned to see sima defense, but see sima defense behind, suddenly more than a few figure, a few people surrounded.Wave wave, let the magnificent sea don't start, really start hands, ten pang tong have to explain here.白珊个人资料|"Thank wen and brother to introduce more." Fa yan nodded his thanks. Even though he was asking for help from others, his face was very rigid. Normal people were really difficult to get along with.

白珊个人资料|Guo figure stand up, disdain way: "qiang people heavy interest, I just need xu with gold and silver grain, can make qiang people motionless even help our army!""But with these two thousand soldiers and horses, the four thousand slaughters will be much more honest." Jia xu laughed.Jia xu smile, nature is not to help so simple, this is equivalent to zero qiang first recognized the leadership of lu bu, and willing to accept the command of lu bu.

See their gradually blocked, falsely shake a gun, then go with the horse."Not good, han sui wants to flee!" Hearing this, li ru changed his complexion."Out of control? Lyu3 bu4 leng4 hums 1: "the affair original and original say."白珊个人资料|




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