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啊水真多轻点好痛|苗山火灸贴"Hum!" CAI MAO frowning humming, throw sleeve and go, kuai yue deeply looked at liu bei one eye, followed to leave, liu bei stayed in the barracks, some comfort, and let the soldiers will be the dead body convergence, to return to jingzhou, and then for their burial, this action, more naturally get jingxiang soldiers grateful."Well." Lv bu nodded silently.< / p > < p > more and more soldiers in the battalion came up, shield steel knife, the ferocious spirit diffused, many soldiers directly knelt down to surrender, around a few soldiers hesitated to see the direction of guo yuan, dropped his weapon down on his knees.

"Zi Yang is coming." Cao cao came forward with a smile and took liu ye's hand. He said, "come and have a look. This is a horse carcass that was dragged back from the battlefield not long ago."Oh ~" huang zhong sighed and shook his head. "the Lord is getting old, zhang zhongjing said."Isn't that the master of every martial house? This is... "Exclaimed an old man.啊水真多轻点好痛|The longer time, CAI that idea is light, after all so many troops, impossible to find henton group, all of the people's livelihood is also a kind of hurt, greatly as a result, after nearly ten days in vain, gave up the plan to continue to search after CAI, as to issue a warrant, he also refused to Ken liu table, lyu3 bu4 directly to that then pushed to the opposite.

啊水真多轻点好痛|"Huh?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi turned around to look, but the direction of the upstream, the stars have dozens of black spots on the river gradually become clear up, the body of the ship is not big, a boat can sit at most 10 or 20 people, the number is quite a lot, the fleet did not play the flag, but each ship, hanging a jinfan, the setting sun, quite eye-catching.Cao cao turned around, but see guo jia shook his head, now is the most critical moment, if cao chun can not stop lu bu's hussars, the current stalemate will develop into a rout."Roar ~" in the distance, the squeal of the HSS roar, tsao chwun with strong indignation from the wilderness, the two horses staggered over again, only seven butch ride has never fell to the ground, the body is cold, and tsao chwun, has become the blood, watched his hand out of sheer camp so completely annihilated, unwilling, pain in the heart in an instant with a roars poured forth, held in the hands of high steel, ignore all the bleed profusely wounds, the squeal of the roar a way: "butch, charge!"

"Well!" The guards don't understand, but also did not ask, two pro guards directly forward, looking for some of the more easy to burn the tent together ignited, then the flames began to spread around.Lyu3 bu4 ran, suddenly heard the wind from behind, hand painting ji back China days to find out, will each other to long live, move in the heart, the day painting ji, with small branches hang long live, also ignore lu xiang yuan tan in the direction of the target suddenly to party day painting ji, was stuck on branchlets roaring out of the pike, left behind it a trail in the air."Rumble ~"啊水真多轻点好痛|




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