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倒卖假足球票被拘|南京灌浆料Late at night, jincheng, town west general mansion."The plan has been worked out, and it is up to your excellency to decide whether to use it or not, especially if you are not feeling well." Looked at miu shang hesitant, lee you shook his head, there are only two options, since don't want to surrender, that also only world war I, this kind of thing can hesitate for half a day, when really no bravery bandits, say goodbye, also don't wait for miu shang to answer, turned straight away."Eldest brother, what happened?" A stately young man came out of the door, wondering at d.

"Kill!""Siege?" Liang Xing looked at the direction of fu ping, stuffy hum 1, d twenty thousand troops failed to break seibel, now he only ten thousand people in his hand, fu ping city although not strong, but he also lack siege equipment, finally shook his head and said: "first to occupy the mud yang, the matter to the master again.""A thief, a dog!" Breaking hollow sound accompanied by a sharp drink, a throwing gun toward larocca head, larocca face a change, can only turn the gun, the throwing gun pick fly.倒卖假足球票被拘|"Since Wei Yan is not here..." Zhong yao took a deep breath, sink a track: "We can't go back to Xinfeng."

倒卖假足球票被拘|"West cool army to cavalry, not siege!" Zhong yao shook his head and thought, "send some people to changan to spread rumors, seibel, wei yan recently secret contact with our army."D complexion back to his handsome account, He began to go to the battlefield at the age of twelve, slaughter for many years, or so miserable for the first time, a tentative attack, unexpectedly put in more than three thousand lives, but not even somebody else's wall, was thrown back, more importantly, the morale of the army is low, even the generals around, one by one about the locust, about seibel are afraid of such a tiger."Here!" Although don't understand why, but still faithfully carried out the zhong yao military orders, immediately a wave of his hand, two jun soldiers rushed in, can't help but say, will Li Bao fell to the ground.

"I don 't think you' re goe to come down on me now." Lyu3 bu4 looked at d laughed."Lyu3 bu4!?" Call hutch springs smell speech can not help but a surprised, incredible look to fold Ke."Li-kan, after the break, the others will follow me!" Korea hence helpless, he didn't want to retreat, but looked at more and more near zhang liao, but can't help but retreat, continue to stay here, perhaps directly by zhang liao in the armed forces, achievement of a piece of good news belongs to zhang liao, the command li can break.倒卖假足球票被拘|




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