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猎豹咬斑马这地方:下幕让人大笑|村村通卫星电视接收器"Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!"Zhang liao took a look at xia houyuan's receded direction and said with a smile, "this is leading us to attack. He failed to see through the false and solid of our army and dared not attack rashly.The target location is getting closer and closer, even if shi a has tried not to daydream, but as the target location is getting closer and closer, some thoughts inevitably emerge in his mind.

"What is to be done?" Hearing this, the lady could not help but be alarmed and said, "lv bu's name is absolutely universal. Especially, hanzhong has opened trade with lv bu in these years. Guanzhong is prosperous and strong."Peace? Lyu3 bu4 sneer 1, as fierce hero, can you care about this?"There's a fine line between brave and reckless." Lv bu looked up at his son and smiled on his cold face. "no matter the time or the action, he was very resolute. After he hit the ball, he escaped quickly and did not want to fight.猎豹咬斑马这地方:下幕让人大笑|D the in the mind is to suppress the YiGuJin son want to overshadow zhaoyun a head, though he also admitted zhaoyun as poor as his skill, but between military commanders, unless the gap is very big, really not easy to take another blow, this is a good demonstration, the past is not rare, but this time, but lu bu to operate on the central plains, in the first battle of zhaoyun or d are seeks sufficient strength, this battle, is undoubtedly d pulled out first, while dry up by tiny damage Zang, this but the blocking lyu3 bu4 characters, so died in his hand, nature to the adversary.

猎豹咬斑马这地方:下幕让人大笑|Seal king? Is this fu over disrelish han family world to perish not thorough enough? Liu xie even agreed, but it was cao cao who tried to prevent, even at the cost of fame, killed the empress into the palace.What a suck!"Since it is Mr. Ziyang, how to deal with the next can not make the decision, if Mr. Ziyang is willing, the general will send someone to escort Mr. Ziyang to luoyang, decided by the Lord. Zhang liao arch hand way.

"Poof ~""Code?" Xia houyuan zheng zheng: "may crack?"Although there is early psychological preparation, but when hearing xia houyuan confirmed the moment, cao cao still feel a blank, xia houyuan next words, a word did not listen to."Somebody." < / p > < p > for a long time, cao cao came back to god, hand up xiahou yuan, in front of the guard way: "please if, gongda and yuan often come here to discuss.猎豹咬斑马这地方:下幕让人大笑|




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