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林志炫 沈梦辰|dgmconTwo people are startled of see toward the other party, wei yan complexion some not good-looking of see pang tong: "don't dozen?""Let him in." Deng xian glanced at liu"Liu zhang, not out to die!"

"And fart." Pang tong rolled his eyes and said, "wait, liu should be back soon. I want to go to langzhong personally and persuade zhang to let them go The journey from here to langzhong was full of checkpoints, and the journey would not take any less time than the journey from chengduChapter 81 the nighthawk"I... "Xiao qiao shivered at the words, glanced blankly at lv bu, glanced at her worried sister, touched her stomach, and shook her head bitterly.林志炫 沈梦辰|"The dog guarding the house destroyed the Great Wall by itself. So sun quan forced zhou yu to death." For sun quan, lu bu is not too respect, although compared with sun ce, he is more like an emperor, but also the Lord of the city.

林志炫 沈梦辰|A silver gun, ten thousand points of cold light, the place, jiangdong soldiers no match the enemy."How can jokes be confused, public or private?" Your complexion is ugly"General lu, we want to avenge the governor!" Many soldiers stood up, a pair of eyes focused on lv meng, hatred in the moment in the camp spread.

Looking at pang tong, even that ugly face at the moment also feel pleased with a lot of, deng xian hesitated for a moment, wry smile way: "Mr. Shi yuan has said to this share, the end will not only, willing to listen to your command."You see to it, I don't care, but don't overdo it. Pang tong shook his head, thinking of his confused was pulled to lu bu chariot by jia xu, the heart could not help but a burst of putty slanting.'but you'll hate me, won't you? Lyu3 bu4 lengly way.林志炫 沈梦辰|




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