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博轲斯动画姜老太"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised at giffin: "this larocca age know?""Legalists?" For a long time, giffin frowned, He's pretty sure now, The plan for the relocation of the people, Those relatively new regulations, not Chen Gong instructed but lyu3 bu4 himself came up with, thinking back to lyu3 bu4 said last night, at this time think carefully, vaguely and legalist thought corresponding, chapter by chapter, seemingly chaotic, in fact, but intertwined, from the heart, management, restraint, was to scruple about all aspects.

Said zhong yao although see through wei pretending, but it is too late, after leaving the troops, then ran all the way to xinfeng, line to halfway, zhong yao heart suddenly flashed a chill, a move in the heart, hurriedly drink to stop the march.Qiang rode to a halt a stone's throw away, Run out of the crowd a ride, wearing a white wolf roaring moon helmet, wearing a trimming armor, wearing a hundred flowers robe, slender riding will jump out, eyes swept over the Zhou Cang, but did not stay, finally fell on the turned horse lyu3 bu4, behind the mask, a pair of glittering eyes, flashed a glimmer of splendor, crisp track: "You are Wen Hou lyu3 bu4?""The two sisters have been enjoying themselves with their husbands for a long time. After all, they are young ladies of gold. They have suffered a lot along the way. Will they be accepted at some time? Will the husband really have the heart to give them away in the future?" The sable cicada whispered in lyu3 bu4 ear.博轲斯动画Martial arts died, this will let the broken Cao Junxin panic, see him now in the array, immediately no heart, I don't know who, the first to throw away weapons, then run, the rest of jun said also a panic escape, really can't escape, then knelt on the ground to raise the weapons above the top, make a surrender.

博轲斯动画The appearance of lyu3 bu4, immediately let countless qiang people around the people's livelihood out of discontent, Yang Wangzheng was about to explain, but was interrupted by lyu3 bu4, will reach out to He Yi way: "He Yi!""Just let the girls do these things. You're in the right room now." Lyu3 bu4 stretched out his hand, from behind around the sable cicada slightly plump jiao body, stretched out his hand to throw away the things in her hand.Chen Xing breathed a sigh of relief in silence, nodded and said, "In that case, at the end of the day he will be willing to go with the general."

Seibel smell speech, from the hands of the school took letterhead, at a glance, mouth can not help but smile.Looking around at a group of captive generals, lyu3 bu4's voice gradually turned cold, suddenly said: "these captive generals, all killed!""Hmm?" Korea hence smell speech puzzled, twist a head to look, but see into GongYing frightened look to the distance, hurriedly follow his eyes, but see heaven and earth meet, a black line is becoming thick, gradually appear a cavalry outline, a horse word flag waving in the wind.博轲斯动画




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