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颠簸的车上我插|济南桑乐太阳能Different surnames seal king, that is a blatant violation of the original liu bang set down the system, once really sealed, the han room only that point of dignity will vanish, and look at the posture, lyu3 bu4 this almost equal to announce the world's behavior, no one can stop."Wild man!" Wei yan said, disdain sneer at 1, although some regret not a wave of arrows rain will zhang fei to shoot to death, but see each other's soldiers rushed up so straightforward, also can't help but despise, this is no different from death."Woo ~"

Guan yu sword sink horse fast, a knife cut out, often let a person feel between heaven and earth only that a long knife, and tardif martial arts, crescent ji sharp rotation, with a fluffy ji cloud, don't fall the wind."Whew! Whew!"Chapter one hundred and fifteen tracing the cause of the troops颠簸的车上我插|"Dang dang dang ~" many soldiers caught off guard, was the axe hit on the body, the axe is different from the arrow cluster, although not willing to shoot, but the destructive force is very big, foot soldiers plate armor did not play a lot of role, many people were directly killed by the axe on the spot, see Wei Yanxin blood, but at the moment, the other side of the soldiers have arrived.

颠簸的车上我插|"DuDu, what medicine does Guan Yu sell in this gourd?" He qi stood on the wall, looking at guan yu's camp, frown way."By the command of the young master, to hand over the military power, from today on, these five thousand people no longer belong to your commander-in-chief, this is a transfer order!" Wang Shuang handed a document to Xie Yun, sink a track."Want to hear what my father said about you?" See ma face cloudy and sunny, lyu3 zheng also don't care, but asked with a smile.

"Is general guan, general guan didn't abandon us, men, kill out, meet with general guan!" Originally already demoralized jingzhou army saw guan yu flag back, not by the spirit of a vibration, already about to collapse of the morale miraculously rose, again alive to kill jiangdong soldiers.But zhang fei excitedly led the troops to deyang, pang tong is hanging out a no-war card, guard against, don't fight with zhang fei, let zhang fei as if mou sufficient strength of punch results hit on cotton as uncomfortable, the whole person's spirits are not good.颠簸的车上我插|




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