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哔哩哔哩上市邓州未来科技Liu bei, cao cao and sun quan mainly attacked luoyang, while liu zhang stationed his troops in baishui and jiameng to prepare for the invasion of hanzhong. As for the battle of the central plain, who won and who lost was not the concern of liu zhang and his family in shuzhong."The crossbowmen back, the sword and shield in front, the archers shoot with their bows!" In the face of cao's crazy attack, gao shun methodically commanded the soldiers on the city wall to fight, and let the broken crossbow into the guanzhong, put out a formation in guanzhong, across the city wall, the sword crossbow shot out of the city, leaving 12,000 people in turn to pull the crossbow, keep the broken crossbow to form a continuous attack on the cao army.Pike, along the singular arc to huang zhong chest, regardless of the strength, speed and Angle, are enough to prove that, the son of a martial arts have quite unfinished, Cao Liu around the camp, but there is no lack of masters, only look at the gun, to see the child martial arts well, perhaps than the sun ce, but also not bad.

A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered."No." Zhang song shook his head, liu zhang is the son of his father, and the most shu is with nanman dozen, on which to give liu zhang this opportunity to develop his personal prestige? As for the credibility of this kind of thing, even if liu zhang has the intention to establish their own credibility, but on the one hand to make a compromise to the family, how can establish credibility."But it would be nice to have a more complete ballista." Ma all smiled: "only by this car, some things are difficult to restore."哔哩哔哩上市Although know cao cao is impossible to hear his cry, but xia houyuan or crazy Shouting, only in this way, can disperse the heart of the weak feeling.

哔哩哔哩上市In fact as long as the lyu3 bu4, milan is not willing to provoke lyu3 bu4, even in the shu dynasty in this regard also agree with milan, after all these years, shu also has the caravan in the western regions to earn the interests of rich, lyu3 bu4 not meet, but once the war, the picture has been cut off, especially in the shu, tough road, only a few of shu road, once got stuck lyu3 bu4, for shu in the family, is also a great loss."There's something for ford to do, not to monkey around with." Zhuge liang not good spirit of stare zhang fei dao."Good, all of you then follow me to see how powerful this gao shun is!" Cao cao smiled.

"Boom -" war horse ruthlessly hit upon a shield, followed by shield hand arm gave a snap, the whole people is thrown directly, originally closely shield instantly appears a gouges where whole pieces were missing and xh man and like to go in, sword and shield soldiers want to share, will appear gouges where whole pieces were missing but around jun is already rushing in, shield array were suddenly break, the remaining several sword and shield hand suddenly be hold cubbyhole jun annihilation.Lv meng did not know why zhou yu was so excited, but he was also very happy. It was the first time he had seen zhou yu smiling since the war had lasted so long."Poof ~" then in the moment when xiahou yuan rose into the air, is a crossbolt to the air, xiahou yuan in the air, can only subconsciously twist the body, a cold arrow through his shoulder, with a peng blood.哔哩哔哩上市




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