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piaonima名将三国推广号"You're welcome." Pang tong hurriedly took back his bowl and ran away from zhou cang. What's the joke? He just stood here and couldn't stand it.Although large-scale combat, no way with lu bu's cavalry corps to fight, but after all, the improvement of combat effectiveness is real, can not say completely useless."What's the matter?" CAI MAO frowned, dissatisfied with the look at home.

"Brother zhou, long time no see." Keats glanced at the girls assembled in the yard, and said with some complaint, "master, how can these girls be trained like you?"Zhang he, who had just returned to yecheng, after having relieved his military power, rode to the gate of the general's mansion. Just as he dismounted and was about to enter, he saw a figure hurried to the gate from the mansion.piaonimaAlthough there is no clear evidence to prove, but a variety of clues, guo jia's keen smell of a tense atmosphere in yecheng started, is rapidly promoted to the whole jizhou, even youzhou, qingzhou.

piaonimaIf the two armies opposed each other, the soldiers would have begun to break down. But at the moment, the two sides were locked in a city, and even if the escaped soldiers met each other, they would still fight each other.The magnificent sea follows lv bu to sweep yong cool, ma tousai north, can lead many famous soldiers, a suit of martial arts in these two years more time, after constant temper, faint has been approaching dacheng, a familiar copper rod waved up, magnificent, as if even the air around is driven."What did you say? Xu chu's eyes were red, staring at xu you like a tiger.

"General zhang, have other forces in the city been removed?" Yuan shang worried to see zhang he, froyuan into the emergence, let him have a bad feeling.In fact, these systems have been implemented in yongliang and even the state of unification, but this is the first time to the situation of the law to express provisions, also put an end to someone in the future in this respect.Sad and shrill scream sounded from all sides, all of a sudden, as if the vehicle battlefield is the enemy's horses in the kill over, let a kind of illusion, even CAI MAO is very clear, these raids from the horses, absolutely no more than their own horse, but he knew that the ordinary soldiers will think so much?piaonima




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