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天龙猎艳之邪帝虚竹|中星9号卫星天线Huh! Only TuGe, when the king they come back, must pay the price of these bastards."Dang ~"Lyu3 bu4 don't find qin hu, not only because Qin Hu and Yuan Shao came close, The key reason is that Qin Hu is too strong, Although not more than the huns, But not much worse, At least twenty thousand soldiers can be brought out, If the other party does not promise, lyu3 bu4 want to win qin hu is difficult, the moon people hu was lyu3 bu4, the most critical point is that the moon people hu is too weak, as long as there is an opportunity, lyu3 bu4 have confidence to quickly win the moon people king, and support a willing to support their own moon people king out, this reason, of course, can't say it directly with the moon people king.

"Where is Liang Hsing? Can you dare to go out to war with me?" A burst of roar like thunder ripped heaven and earth, exploded outside the camp."Master." Ezra pound frowned: "although we had contradictions with changan lyu3 bu4, but was also fooled by cao thief, will be willing to personally go to huaili at the end of the seibel Chen Ming, if let Korea hence to the west cool, even before long, changan also have to suffer, and heard that the doctor hua tuo is in changan, if you can get him to help, general iron's injuries can also be rescued."That in his eyes, only the man of courage, at the moment under the stimulus of hatred, like nine you evil spirit, the longer the time, the greater the fear in the heart, not only him, look around when Lao Wang crazy face, Korea hence know, burn when Lao Wang mood at the moment is not better than himself.天龙猎艳之邪帝虚竹|"Simple." Wei smiled and said, "I have a plan, but I can send someone to inform Zhong Yao, we are willing to surrender him, let him send someone to receive the city army."

天龙猎艳之邪帝虚竹|The next morning, the court messenger to jincheng, explained that marten has promised to send troops, Korea hence said, also know not to push off again, hence life candidate for handsome, led the infantry horse south, at the same time d and pound also took twenty thousand military forces to hanoi and meet the court forces there."Let GongTai responsible for reception, in the palace site, renovation of a palace, let the princess live, now is the decisive battle with Korea hence, can't go to meet luan personally." Silence for a long time, lyu3 bu4 shook his head."Your excellency should at least consider for the people of the whole city, the war together, it is inevitable that innocent people will be affected." Li you face flashed a touch of mockery.

"Has been on the right track, under the lobbying of Fang Yun, plus master's method, many famous people in order to be able to live better, promised to enter the academy to teach, the first group of students have begun to learn, most of them are after our active soldiers." Mention academy, marotta face with a smile."Go ahead." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, I lost interest for a second, D but in his early twenties, There is a lot of room for growth, larocca thirty-six years old, has fallen out of the peak, unexpectedly just tied with d, at least now d's strength, although outstanding, but also just to step into the first-class realm, larocca, I'm afraid it won't take a few years to fall out of the first-class, growth space is too small, as for other aspects... doesn't seem like much.The decision was undoubtedly very much in keeping with the circumstances, Only 200 years later, Things have changed, North Xiongnu, who once flourished on the prairie, after a brief glory, Now has been gradually replaced by xianbei, South Xiongnu had no meaning of existence, Had the strategy been adopted at that time, we should move back to the mainland, to carry out sinicization, Thoroughly wipe out the name Xiongnu in history, Unfortunately, the han dynasty, At that time, it was no longer possible to use force abroad, The huns don't produce, when the Han dynasty was strong, Can also bow down, but with the outbreak of the yellow turban uprising at the end of the eastern han dynasty, the han to the huns deterrence is constantly reduced, the huns began to become uneasy, from dong zhuo into Beijing, to now, in a short period of ten years, the south huns almost years south, let the suffering of the warlords of the han people, qiang people is even worse.天龙猎艳之邪帝虚竹|




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