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地热能概念股妃龄七白膏代理"Humble?" Han sui face gradually gloomy down, looking at the direction of liu meng left, cold hum a track: "as long as we can let these conference semifinals to help us consume the spirit of lyu3 bu4, is the soft language to ask? To clean up lyu3 bu4, it's their turn! Let them rampant for a few days!"Across the vast night, Mei county in the shadow of the night, can only see a rough outline, faint flames, in the thick of the night is invisible, red hare seems to anticipate the coming battle, excitedly shaving the front hoofs, nose constantly blowing white gas."What?" Xiong broad sea puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.

"Have to find a way to support general gao." Chen xing inspected the city wall, across the distance looking at the candidate camp, he can probably figure out what the candidate play abacus, it is for this reason, just gave birth to the idea of supporting seibel.King?Confused, Korea hence had to give up the idea, let people recruit to burn when the old king, to discuss how to fight the next battle.地热能概念股Two people momentum a vent, hate hate stared at each other, separate lyu3 bu4 on both sides, no longer words.

地热能概念股D looked up, looked at the direction of the city, twisting his head doubtfully looked at pound."The general is careful." Zhong yao nodded heavily, this time, also regardless of what courtesy, hurriedly took the military forces, toward the direction of xinfeng kill.Chicken dog don't stay, of course, is just a slogan, with lyu3 bu4 now thirst for the population, wei yan believe, if he really dare to do that, lyu3 bu4 will definitely let him raise his head to see, but not hinder the slogan shouted out, at least look at the city's garrison retreating, the effect is good.

..."Go!" A dozen reins, lyu3 bu4 with the army toward the direction of the moon lake."But our opponent is not Korea hence, also is not marten, but cao cao, is lombardi!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track: "Compare these two big governors, we already lag behind, can't waste more time on these two people!"地热能概念股




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