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磷矿概念股刘一手鼻炎正膜Wei Yanwen, sneer at, proudly way: "righteous Yang Wei Yan, skill is not good, mouth is quite slippery, cao cao's general, like you?""Yes!" A Xianbei general sink a track: "I hope adults do not deceive us."He is no longer young, and his son is about to grow up, he doesn't want to continue to let his son on the path of general, he hopes to give his son to fight out a birth.

After several bitter wars, the two sides temporarily entered the standoff period, but unfortunately, lombardi can afford, cao cao but with lombardi consumption, military supplies have begun to help.Although there are high dry military forces stationed troops in the west river, shangdang area, zhang he military forces stationed troops in the wild goose gate, but the two have become a lone army, as long as lyu3 bu4 in town here, the two men will not turn up too much spray, the final result, can only be life and death, fled.Suddenly and upright when smell speech, hurriedly nodded: "Yes, master."磷矿概念股"Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city..."

磷矿概念股"Five... five big tribes..." Kui Tou smell speech, only feel a whirl, a butt sit on the ground, eyes with an incredible look murmured repeated this sentence, for a moment, was a little confused.When Ule took his life, Began to command the military forces, mighty direction to the king's court, and lyu3 bu4, with the army northward, the news here should soon be sent to kirby can there, their previous arrangements, also should play a role, next, is to provoke murong gui, TaBaJi powder and kirby can antagonism, and then unite them, pick up kirby can together."Naturally, after proving my worth." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "You two people these two days with the huns to the west, If you meet a big tribe, Just think of a way to provoke them, remember, can't choose xianbei king court under the tribe, the west is mostly already out of xianbei king court xianbei people, just for us, at the same time also more damage to some of the huns, when the kui head thought we potential poor force solitary, is when we naturally, formally joined the xianbei king's court. "

Then disappeared, and then appeared, directly captured the nanyang, and swept away almost all the people of nanyang, as if from that time on, lyu3 bu4 with a strong toughness, a little bit back to the world in this chess, as a chess player to re-face the world.Night battle, for lyu3 bu4, has been a routine, cold dark eyes, looking at the distant camp of bright lights, like a staring at the prey of the wolf lurking quietly in the dark, occasionally xianbei knight accidentally close, will also be shot by the archer in the dark."Don't worry, my sources are absolutely reliable." Kirby gleamed softly in his eyes and looked at the crowd with a smile. "The last time we were able to see every move of Stewart Root, it was because of her help that Stewart Root was easily defeated," he said.磷矿概念股




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