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耐克运动汇宠物食品生产线"Those who block me die!" D eyes, at the moment has only Korea hence, zhang two pike stirred up the wind and rain, will be a close to their soldiers to kill."Ah ~ ~ ~" d madly shook the sky wolf gun, whipped the bowels of the horse 's chest into pieces, Blood gushed like a fountain from a wound blown by a gun-tip, Mixed with rain one after another spray on d's face, d is unaware, under the night, has turned into a blood man d like hell out of the evil ghost, waving a pike, crazy stirring the body of the horse, sent out a shattering howl, this scene deeply shocked all people.When I think of candidates, D is a tooth itch, Looked at huaili city garrison is about to support, yesterday unexpectedly from martial arts county to a support army, the number is not much, only one thousand people, but for the garrison, is a heart-strengthening agent, d three days and three nights, regardless of day and night, at the cost of the loss of the torch, d at the moment, really want to strangle candidate impulse.

"Well... yes." Two Joe smell speech, dull for a moment, hurriedly got up, hurried away.Lyu3 bu4 sink a track: "Different from before, before we went into exile in the central plains, five hundred fighters come and go like the wind, kanto governors, although many, but all for infantry, but we, but this time, west cool forty thousand troops, although there is no definite news, but only cavalry, I'm afraid not less than eight thousand, want to kill the enemy as usual with cavalry, not too realistic, you have a good idea?""Eldest brother!" Ma Tie saw the flag of the army, and wept with joy, voice, with a hint of crying.耐克运动汇Is this to stay?

耐克运动汇"Master, general wei yan came the latest news, the situation has changed." Chen Gong looked serious and said: "Xinfeng, a large number of jun, at the same time general wei yan captured a few jun officers, west cool marten, Korea has been in cao cao's new nationalities under the persuasion of a captain zhong yao, each sent troops twenty thousand south."Xun yu smell speech, can't help but sigh, cao cao now that has made up his mind, he is not good to continue to block, just in the heart lamented the fate of the royal family, now with cao cao's increasingly strong, offer emperor although your son of heaven, but now in the hands of cao cao, more like a political chip, no autonomy."Back?" D twisted his head and looked coldly at Ma Dai: "Do we still have a way back?"

"A lot of things have happened in the city these days, and Mr. Gongtai has arrested a lot of people. Originally, he wanted to let the big silly man from Hsiung Kuo-hai come over. But Hsiung Kuo-hai said that the master's order was to protect Mr. Gongtai, and that it was more important to keep him alive. In the end, Mr. Gongtai could only ask me to come and bring someone over." Addis stood up and waved to the cavalry in the rear. "This time, Mr. Gongtai asked me to come, mainly to bring this poor old man here.""Han Sui?" D bright red eyes, recovered a little clear, silently nodded, slowly raised the day Wolf gun: "you stay to deal with them, others, with me to kill Korean thieves!"耐克运动汇





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