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霍华德扣坏计时器歌秀一吸白的价格"Exactly." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile, if it was five years ago, perhaps just buckle down, but this-time-is-different, lyu3 bu4 now the king was not peanuts, but in fact, all the nations to the, less than the emperor, how much, this shameful things, he also really do not to come out, the real power, the cast by its own charm to attract talent, rather than against, make people laugh at.< / p > < p > Yang ren was captured is understandable, but yangping guan garrison did not have a bit of vigilance, and even did not cheat to open the gate, in addition to the pustiness, wei yan did not know how to describe these people, to pang tong way: "if not shi yuan persuaded the general to surrender, our army would not be so easy to enter the hinterland of hanzhong.Security this thing, I'm afraid I look to the world, nor a vassal can give more than lyu3 bu4 here, luoyang will be prosperous in the future is already almost a consensus in people's mind, many vendors have begun in luoyang, settle down, although now the business is not good, not to mention compared with changan that prosperous business, but this is a long-term investment, lyu3 bu4 did not step in which the commercial things, in the hands grip the macro level, while for him, these things are more specialty, but now that you have is a master, in the future and could conquer the world, for the ninth, level itself is different, There's no need to stoop to this.

"Brother zi zhen is good for brother shuhuan, chang 'an inn, the general family really can not afford to live, wei jia now the family is in decline, can save a little bit is a little bit, the chang 'an academy supplies each disciple to spend a lot of money, really no food handed out to brother wei.Xu shu frowned and said, "if it succeeds, the world will not be peaceful."When a group of soldiers on patrol passed by and heard the sound, they hurried towards the sound source.霍华德扣坏计时器"Who are you waiting for?" Menber frowned. There was no danger in these people. They were all pale and thin, looking like refugees.

霍华德扣坏计时器"Champion hou good skill!"CAI MAO's hand fluttering disorderly quiver, the night, the gun shadow, some people can not see the true and false, just this pistol, CAI MAO in the arts but also some fire, but that also have to see with who."Buzz ~"

Took one look at nodded, cao cao hands that connect the delicate crossbow way: "lyu3 bu4 since entrenched changan, the crossbow, continuing innovation has been the organization craftsmen form xiaohong, even in the military, the title to stimulate craftsmen constantly, as far as I know, that even the crossbow around five years ago still lyu3 bu4 we should make a title of generals in ancient times who, even after local troops are now equipped with, the luoyang main army used the crossbow, more terrorist, I'm afraid.""Wen, until today, I did not know lv bu's terrible. It is hard to imagine that the xiao hu who was playfully handled by Chen hanyu and his son in xuzhou could be so terrible today. Cao cao had some regrets."I have something to say, but I can say it." Lyu3 bu4 falling in to smile and look to the crown, was get lombardi died, two doctrines, which spent large jizhou, divided to lu bu and cao cao, after falling to teach but almost suicide, luckily be timely rescue, lyu3 bu4 then visit to the western regions, we sincerely invite falling for his effectiveness, grant nullify the kung fu in March, just calculate falling in to make official loyal to grant, though not confidant, but for to work around the lombardi, lyu3 bu4 but quite seriously.霍华德扣坏计时器





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