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都阳鳗鱼宿迁企业名录"Let's all get some rest." Waved his hand, the huns near were afraid of playing, coupled with a Han De vigil, lyu3 bu4 is not too worried about safety.But now it is too late to understand, the task has been taken over, don't know how many people waiting to see him make a fool of himself, he is now riding a tiger, know this bone is not good to chew also have to hard."Wen Yuan and I began to get to know each other from bing, over the past 20 years, I lyu3 bu4 brilliant, also lost, wen Yuan has always been with, both brave, meritorious, from today on, wen Yuan for ping DE general, led the left Feng Yi satrap, dial five thousand military forces, allow to expand to twenty thousand."

Marotta looked up and looked at lyu3 bu4 coldly: "said these, wen hou still want to persuade me to loyalty to you?"Big Joe squeezed in lyu3 bu4 side, tightly embracing lyu3 bu4 thick arms, elbows from the soft touch, enough to let any male crazy, nose haunted by a faint fragrance and the air from the cheerful air mixed together, constantly stimulating lyu3 bu4 nasal cavity.The last cavalry member who tried to escape was pierced by a cold rifle with men and horses, Desperate fell on the muddy ground, d single horse, standing alone, looking at the darkness around the barren, suddenly roared up to the sky, the strength of the whole body like the tide faded, the body also soft slipped down from the horse, the ear sounded a rush of hoofs, consciousness has gradually blurred down.都阳鳗鱼Shook his head, No answer, lyu3 bu4 at the moment is reminiscent of what HanDe this famous general is, the late three kingdoms wei general, have four sons, in the battlefield together siege zhaoyun, but was killed by zhaoyun, later HanDe revenge for son, singled out zhaoyun, the result is self-evident, a father and son died in the hands of zhaoyun, as a foil, foil zhaoyun strong.

都阳鳗鱼"Ha ha, kill a person, still dare to rob our wealth!?" Santa incredibly stare big eyes, then angry roared: "convener horse, leave two thousand people guarding the camp, immediately let the other warriors in the village assemble, I want to personally catch these bastards, to see who gives them the courage, actually dare to scatter on our huns territory."Looked at again was driven down the wall of the west cool army, Korea hence helplessly issued a sounding order, fu ping in seibel guard, can be said to be watertight, let Korea then want to do everything possible to countermeasure, the other side is like a rock, difficult to break.

"Ha ha, only the dead Cao Peng, but no surrendered Cao Peng." Laughter, the knife in the hand is more fierce."The army can't move! Korea hence the old fox, afraid of waiting for us to move, as for the conference semifinals, order five thousand troops, a double, with three days of rations, with me on the march!" Lyu3 bu4 pensive way.都阳鳗鱼




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