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stormcache|德丰基金"It has been said that there should be an answer within three days, but our army must be ready, or at least make a gesture, to let them know that if they do not surrender, we will not hesitate to engage them in battle." Li ru laughed."You ugly devil, mean to beat!" Escort head as the culprit that will ugly ghost throws out, nature is the object that is taken care of by priority, those who be scolded is almost depressed, the fist that become angry from embarrassment hits come over."Will xianbei invade the thirty-six western regions?" Lyu3 bu4 hand of letter paper to jia xu, frowning way: "difficult way xianbei again unify?"

Kun mu just left after hearing his words.Hesitating for a moment, looking at lv bu's look, han DE said quietly, "Lord, we have prepared for three days here."Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side.stormcache|"Mount the guard, kill!" He yi made a circle of iron bars to protect him in front of CAI yanyan. He shouted loudly, and the back hall rushed out ten elite soldiers, killing them with a cold face and without saying a word. From killing off the battlefield, after lyu3 bu4 selected training for six months, the more equipped with artisan camp in building the best equipment, die and the sword cut, unless these places can just stung the face, neck, otherwise can only leave one white marks on the armor, and a title of generals in ancient times who attack, but the fatal knife knife, a dozen dead and just blink of an eye, has already been killed one.

stormcache|Perhaps a single pull out not how, but if it is three hundred to form a military formation to run out, guan yu also had to turn around and run.Li shuxiang nodded, quite agree with this statement, after all, compared to xuzhou, jizhou or the merger of chang 'an is not far away, even if there is something, you can escape back.Chapter 62 the ugly ghost

, of course, the real reason, these spoil the decent life, how can bear, whether satisfied the days of brown rice at every meal, lyu3 bu4 made it very clear, want to live with dignity, you can, to teaching, changan couldn't afford to keep people away, you don't do things for me, a brown rice meal every day, don't let you starve to death, this is the biggest kind, want to give me your attitude, let I coaxed you, zhongyuan maybe, but in changan, don't think too much.Just this short, didn't give him any real benefits, huns is now be lyu3 bu4 residual type, the HuiYuan what the result is the English army of fifty thousand, Korea hence has been too lazy to care about, but their side can also gather up hundreds of army, suddenly lost more than half, now with only with thirty thousand, the debacle trapped beast gu hiding, let that kind of feeling a little bit of approximation of despair, but he gave no way."Do not need from the chaos, presumably that lu thief also know their actions have been angry, will strengthen the general house defense. The old man known as jian gong was named sima phong, the head of a prominent family in Hanoi. At that time, lu bu entered Hanoi, because Hanoi was too far away from chang 'an, and he was out of the control of lu phu. Therefore, he brought back all the people in Hanoi together with the family and prominent family.stormcache|




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