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非诚勿扰林志玲|野生全松茶"Don't worry, tonight, the general will let you on the bliss!" Corners of the mouth spread a touch of evil spirits arc, fingers into the desecration clothes to find the soft full of elastic snow greasy, not light heavy kneading up.Rapid hoofs of horses broke the quiet rain, dark night, a tiger cavalry is crazy in the rain to run."Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, no longer say more, nodded, army set out again, bypassing fu ping, went straight to the direction of mud Yang, just not long ago, the front is a routed army.

"Whew ~"Hande waved to the moon people around him: "Throw the body into the pit, even the people buried inside.""A few generals, strategist please!" XiongKuoHai came over at this time, looked at pound, d, sink a track.非诚勿扰林志玲|"Roar ~" in the sea of fire, a huns soldiers angry roar, scold the ferocity of the han people, there are also people cry in pain, ask for the forgiveness of the han people, however, keep outside the camp of the han army soldiers, one without expression, even with a little cheerful looking at the huns in the sea of fire a little silent.

非诚勿扰林志玲|Marotta nodded and looked at them: "Add to this the surrender, seibel, zhang liao two general troops, I put the total force, but only less than thirty thousand people, the difference is still wide."Raised hoofs of horses, the mighty huns knight like a torrent from the chicken deer village surge out, braking toward the direction of the moon lake."If it is true, as that patriarch say, my people are willing to honor the patriarch 's life." Before wavering a few HaoShuai, smell speech has also responded.

For lyu3 bu4 said these things, although not all agree, but marotta can not deny, although these things are just a blueprint, but the promotion of education alone, there is a great attraction, and the feasibility is very strong."This time it wasn't Tu Che-jen, it was the Moon Man." Xiongnu warrior wry smile way: "A moon people caravan to our here for things, probably is dissatisfied with our price, openly killed our responsible for buying people.""Help me, father-in-law!" A shot will d silver gun swinging open, the feeling of fear suddenly rose in the chest, larocca suddenly sent out a hysterical cry, d ferocity and hatred, let him feel a strong despair.非诚勿扰林志玲|




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