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酷步影院回收icAnyway, at present deyang and even the whole shu terrain, crossbow power can't play to the maximum, and they are now to take a defensive rather than offensive, there are hundreds of shu army has enough to let zhuge liang headache."Who are you, presumptuous, who dare to call Shaozhu taboo!" Guan Yong stepped forward and snapped."But I'm not the only one in town." Xie Yun frowned.

A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster."The general don't know, before he went to war, received the master sent military orders." Ezra pound got up, smiled and took a military order from his subordinates and will be printed: "master has ordered the promotion of the general to general south, after I three military forces, general wei as commander-in-chief, governor JingXiang battle, master before sealing the king, in addition to nanyang, shangyong, xincheng county, must take south county."酷步影院"Strategist, what 's goe on?" People see zhuge liang's face is wrong, hurriedly asked.

酷步影院More terrible is that the other side of the fighters no matter reaction speed or fierce, to jingzhou soldiers too much better, often three or five jingzhou soldiers can spell out each other, so play down, the final loss of iron is their own."Xie general exemption!" Wang Shuang waved, behind the five hundred guanzhong elite quickly scattered, will be around to occupy."I am indeed clever, at least cleverer than you." Lv Zheng is not annoyed, smiled and said: "But this is not the main reason, better than you also show no ability."

"Here!"Ma expressionless, but also did not retort, silently follow behind lu zheng, can live a little longer, who want to die early?"This..." He Qiwen speech, can't help but smile, will guan yu how to play tired soldiers, despise morale, and then raided the broken city again, although not guan yu intended, but from the results, it is so.酷步影院




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