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口述在车里下面被添|嘉艺纹绣Lv bu nodded his head and said, "send the pigeon to wenyuan and prepare for counterattack. In addition, ganxingba is ordered to cut off the Yellow River area. Don't let cao cao have a chance to support you.Cao cao looked at the crossbows in his hands. After a long time, he raised his head and looked at xun you.With these words, he untied his sword from his waist, dropped his weapon on the ground, and walked silently to the outside of the camp.

In the moment of Chen deng losing his mind, a dagger comes out from Chen deng's throat. Chen GUI suddenly turns around and sees the maid who just blundered in. I do not know when Chen deng got behind him with a short sword in his hand.The competition between dragon and phoenix had already begun in lumen academy. Pang tong said that they were both friends and enemies.口述在车里下面被添|Lyu3 bu4 glanced at is tracing the cause of an exciting conversation with pang and gu shao, nodded and smiled: "the two people are all a hotchpotch of jiangdong talent, to the whole nature have their own views, if our troops out of the kanto, is jiangdong take jingzhou, with our military confrontation, also must joint other governors, rather than the sun quan and governors internal friction, might as well first league, with the aid of jingzhou liu table against our troops."

口述在车里下面被添|Is not high morale as the rear archers escape began to collapse, the front of the soldiers were killed in conjunction with the changan the tacit understanding, the two military forces hit together less than a quarter of an hour to separate the outcome, there is no doubt that occupy a number of advantages in hanzhong city army lost very thoroughly, in the face of both equipment and combat effectiveness beyond their several grades of chang an army, when near to their cost, was startled to find, even if not the terrorist bolt, army, it is still a army, is by no means they can withstand the last get broken, then, is breaking away from their mess.A burst of laughter came from behind, a group of hanzhong officers and soldiers face a look of shame anger, but people can see the crossbow soldiers around the eyes of fierce light forced up, only a face of oppression took off the military uniform."CAI MAO here! Slowly raised the hands of the long gun, CAI MAO this time did not hesitate, straight toward zhang fei rushed past, behind him, the pro guard command as shadow, even if you know the opposite of the iron tower like man has how strong, also did not have the slightest fear.

Lyu3 bu4 although be to will he half force come over, nevertheless in chang 'an these years, need not bear old family burden again, for pang tong, be the most comfortable time."Kang chenggong, the college has the rules of the college, will not make an exception for anyone, if the son really really have this ability, I can provide him with the most fair environment, or that sentence, the one who can, the mediocre under! Lu bu su rong said.One evening, in a deserted alley in the city of ye, the ground suddenly shook several times, followed by a sudden collapse of the ground without any warning.口述在车里下面被添|




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