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瓦格里刷新点开天雷"But those han Chinese look at us closely, there is no way to escape." A qiang people took the young handed mutton, frowning way.The dying sima did not want to hear lu bu's words, as if the light came back, he pointed his hand at lu bu and said with a trembling voice, "though I am dead, you will be spurned by the scholars of the world and will not be accepted by the world."Chapter 3 the wedding

Three hundred fighters, a title of generals in ancient times camp was wearing helmets and armor, armed with Tibet, tightly with behind lyu3 bu4, is a fan in turn opened, like a sharp awl, behind the camp of a title of generals in ancient times, is the three thousand moon people from riding, and then the tu, zero from a first, a huge populated on array, and darted in xiongnu people were these suicide cows destroyed by fire formation, quietly formed.Such a shaft, how much force, in order to a person's head to live through? Liu bao can not imagine, but was really frightened by this scene, too late to rejoice, around their own tribe began to chaos.Lyu3 bu4 for today, not only will be under unit, moon people troops sent to cut the grass, also brought a lot of help the rouzhi roamed to moon people lake, fully prepared three days time to prepare hay to play enough power for this time, hundreds of fire fire by the wind, spread rapidly, flames to pentium hsiungnu play complexion, such as soil, pentium momentum moment collapse, many people haven't run into the flame, because of the impact, accidentally fall, followed by numerous horseshoe step into a paste.瓦格里刷新点"Alas alas alas ~ etc., my money, be not, etc., oneself walk... How!" Pang tong was dragged out by two female soldiers in the stunned expression of the waiter.

瓦格里刷新点Of course, this sima position is self-appointed, the women in the city of chang 'an to dominate, but including Chen gong and others, no one will really take it seriously."What a beautiful eagle! Dostie is urging soldiers set up camp, suddenly swept to LaoYing by gliding in the sky, can not help but praise, is impressive, but see the eagle disease flapping, is a hold up tent xiongnu soldiers feel different, subconsciously twist a head, but see a white shadow flash across in front of him, followed by a sore left eye, and then a nerve is a terrible moment from the eyes of the frame to spread to the whole body."What else can we do? Give me to look for Wolf qiang and first zero qiang chief, lu bu came, I slaughter each end, they or not!" The king of each slaughterhouse was angry and said, "although he was ill-tempered, his eyes were quite fierce among the leaders of the various clans. This time, lv bu came back, but his attitude was definitely not to fight and leave.

"How can you really understand the people when you only know what you are doing?" Tian feng cold hum a, disdain way.This Wolf qiang is also deserved, even lv bu side have been sent out of the news of the huns, Wolf qiang was unprepared to be killed by the huns.Not only the cavalry, but also a large number of cavalry, is moving toward fast approaching, if only one or two still can understand, but a large number of cavalry come in, must be the city internal problems with the sentinels, giffin surface sink, that is like the hands of the flag with a pen, a howling arrow to break through the sky, on the streets of changan town, suddenly appeared numerous figures, rows of according to Ma Zhuang in the streets, and then quickly disappear, will all the streets near the tinker in silence."Let's go! Jia xu with han DE, with a thousand officers and soldiers towards the field.瓦格里刷新点




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