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俞启威简历luusmmStyle, giffin is very appreciated for zhuge liang's plan, no towers nostrums, prior to their staged an excellent nation, living will CAI from strong step by step to the corner, eventually getting gu city, and the threat of late with the aid of CAI, or old headed by pressure kua four big family interests, let the rise of small and medium-sized family to see their hope, so step by step approach to liu bei's side.Waltman like sun ce indeed, even this arrogant personality is the same, only difference is that the experience of sun ce far than waltman, in LuJiang lyu3 bu4 down to the edge, for sun ce, but is a good thing, and from then on, a lot of sun ce temper convergence, there are at least lyu3 bu4 so a mountain in front of him holding up, not arrogant, arrogant, but haven't eaten waltman what kui, coupled with excellent skills, slightly in jiangdong adversaries, also let him become a bit more arrogant than when the sun ce."Take it down and put out the fire." A team leader pointed to the burning firewood, to several people.

"Kongming, is it too urgent?" Zhou mu fu, liu bei frowned at zhuge liang.In particular, zhang song was a man of five short stature and his appearance matched that of pang tong. Mo said that even his elder brother zhang su did not pay much attention to him.Looked at under the command of the seibel, start by both shooting lyu3 bu4, xh heart give birth to a strong, positive is that power than the ares of crossbows terrorist heavy crossbow, on both sides and shoot faster, strong penetrating power of single crossbows, if near, I'm afraid is even crossbows and crossbows to wait upon him, while the other number is not much, but jun also disastrous, divided, xh has missed the best opportunity to strike out the military forces, he can only withdraw, to flee to shield the rear of the car.俞启威简历"Poof ~" then in the moment when xiahou yuan rose into the air, is a crossbolt to the air, xiahou yuan in the air, can only subconsciously twist the body, a cold arrow through his shoulder, with a peng blood.

俞启威简历Huang zhong sneers at a sound, in the hands of sand knife a Yang, not slow and slow a knife knock out, can be in the other side long gun near the body will be the other side long gun knock off.Zhang song looked at fazheng, his eyes flashed a killing machine, he did have a joint liu bei, give the idea of shu, this plan in his heart thought for a long time before making a decision."Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation.

"As a general, you do not want to share your worries, but at this time incite the morale of the army, do not know, military ruthless! ?" Behind zhang ren, liu and deng xian glared at more than a dozen generals, all of whom were highly respected in the army"The bow strikes back! Target, enemy back!""Brother xuande, I haven't seen you for years. Told news, cao cao was already waiting outside the tent, passion came up, and behind him, and the representative, robin, ms liu to see Cao Caoshen primarily au came out, no matter in my heart like it or not, only to come out, the big fellow imperial identity may be worth a few money, animal husbandry, but liu bei's jingzhou hand JingXiang nine county, under the soldier thousand, is anyone can't ignore.俞启威简历




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