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是美男啊剧情介绍|壮骨拔毒贴That know the huns language army hou smell speech face a change, harsh voice with the huns language lyu3 bu4 original words again, lyu3 bu4 behind, more than two thousand fighters fierce eyes shot over, a moment of pressure, let originally relaxed down the atmosphere suddenly become depressed again."Thunder ~""Little general, the enemy is coming!" Pound pulled to erupt d, sink a track.

"Mr. Yuanhua!?" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly opened his eyes, incredible look to stand aside, like looking at rare animals look at their own figure, a face of consternation."Here!" Xu rong smiled and nodded, he has understood lyu3 bu4 motive."Seibel? Zhang liao?" Korea hence looked at the letterhead in the hand, sneer at 1: "lyu3 bu4 can be said to be transferred under the military forces can be mobilized, he played is good calculation, unfortunately, this liangzhou, after all, is mine!"是美男啊剧情介绍|North palace from zheng looked at lyu3 bu4, some blankly looked at the hands of zaoyang slimming, a kind of unspeakable pain suppressed in the heart, clearly he has a strength, has not burst out, but has lost, this feeling, let him quite uncomfortable.

是美男啊剧情介绍|Lyu3 bu4 waved and laughed, "Our army today, all thanks to your strength, seibel!""I don't know if it's because I know people by sight, but I didn't mean to do it that day, and I unexpectedly dug up a general for our army!" Looking at Wei Yan, Lyu3 bu4 laughed and said: "Xinfeng World War I, although not the key to this war, but the ability of Wen Chang is to let the general eye-opener.""Yes!" Male broad sea a purge, loudly replied.

"This wei also seriously careful, if I really killed this person, even if he turned his head will be loyal to lyu3 bu4." Zhong yao whispered a sneer, turned his head to look at Li Bao, waved, motioned for two soldiers to loosen Li Bao, smiled and walked over to help Li Bao up: "General don't blame, concerning the lives of the armed forces, the officer had to act cautiously, before the words, are uttered to try."Pound nodded with a wry smile, based on detailed inquiries, The South Xiongnu invasion, Five xiongnu all out, The number of people on the battlefield today is markedly different from the number in intelligence, You know, lyu3 bu4 but only took five thousand military forces, can contain so many huns has been rare, now pound only hope to support to Korea hence hay exhausted, as for lyu3 bu4 there, pound don't hold out hope, after all, compared with Korea hence side of the huge forces, lyu3 bu4 five thousand cavalry is too little, not enough to around the situation.Suddenly change let call kitchen spring heart panic, since become khan, has not been on the battlefield for a long time, he, at this time, issued a nearly stupid command-retreat!是美男啊剧情介绍|




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