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到那时我决定去死|博闻科技有限公司Shanzhai YuanMen, two famous mountains thief dozen nap, boring, after all, was not a regular army, and stockade is hidden, while symbolic sent people to wake, but the discipline loose where the mountain thief is willing to perform in this boring things, not to the middle of the night, the lights in the shanzhai hasn't completely extinguished, two famous mountains the thief had already sleep snoring rang."Since no diagnosis can depend on, natural need our future generations to explore, master had been on the run ever said a word with me on the road, there is no road, walk of person many, that is, merely when listening to at the beginning of shallow, but every time I think and later on, always have a sobering feeling, now the market is only on a trial basis, if successful, will be popularized to all of the qiang people the city gradually, will my fellow law step by step into the qiang people's hearts, let the qiang people and han people in accordance with the law, as master set up department, may also have other considerations, but the most important, it is the law in the qiang people stick, even if lost, also is only one place, Not yet.""Lao wang, we have been cheated. From the very beginning, it was the plan arranged by the old thief of han sui and the general of han people to destroy all the huns and us at one stroke. Akuli will last night kun mu conveyed to him the news including how he escaped from the han army camp, word for word to burn when Lao wang told.

"You're ugly, but you look like you've got real talent. Who knows if you'll betray us?" Lu lingqi is ignored, the original Chen family father and son things, let lu lingqi for these scholars have a very strong."You'll know tonight." Lu lingqi also lazy to explain: "he tied up, with the text with the pin."A JianCu cold to carried over the shoulders, the man is too tired, even killed four people before, has he not physical bottom, at the moment, even detect the plot against an arrow shot from hiding, the body is unable to keep up with the speed of thought, the wind messed up a head of hair, reveal introverted face, turned the horse man rushed out without hesitation, a gun to the poacher stabbed to death, silver gun then a circle, back frame lived at the same time three curved knife cut to come over.到那时我决定去死|Think of the days when it's time to eat and drink not sorrow, look at today, as the lyu3 bu4 in changan, began to step up to the surrounding control, by this time, the mountain bandits thief you truly realize what blade lick blood, sometimes go out to do business, can be near the loyalist to kill, or even restless in the mountains, also have a scary days, lyu3 bu4 for these people can never be.

到那时我决定去死|After all, learning must be taught, and lu bu could not kill all these people before their surplus value was exhausted, or before the students of chang 'an academy were finished.The deputy general's words, I am afraid, in a way convey the Lord's message? As a warrior, zhang he naturally know soldiers subtlety, and if the two armies, zhang he doesn't mind some tricks, but as a military man, since it has their own bottom line, want to let oneself when lyu3 bu4 to fight off the huns, to attack lyu3 bu4, zhang he can't do that, although the position is different, but lu bu that a fire last year, clobbering the huns battle, the bottom of my heart, to lu bu or some admirable.Year almost, this paragraph of time is busy, after the development of the rectified, the earliest coming from nanyang follow lyu3 bu4 people there have been some supplies at hand in use next year after the autumn harvest of grain, leave enough extra food, will choose to sell to government set up a food shop, hand a little more money, to procurement necessities and from the qiang people or western people there to get some meat.

"The two men I brought back before are pang tong and wen ping. Wen ping is not bad at martial arts. As for pang tong, he is also quite capable. Lu lingqi said, "now pang tong and wen pin have been locked up in prison by Mr. Gong tai. I need you to nod.""But...... This...... It's too... "Qiang young people have been completely fooled at the moment, just feel that the mind of these han people is too terrible, so think, the whole battle of xiliang is a complete conspiracy, and they burn to block qiang in this conspiracy, like the huns became victims."Well!" Although the deputy don't know why yuan shao so fire, but also before yuan shao's battle to frighten a cold sweat, smell of speech hurriedly promised a sound, leave.到那时我决定去死|




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