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天府情话|济南企业黄页"Yes!""Father!" A flicker of anger flashed across the girl's face and she snapped, "Beigong is ungrateful. My daughter is going to marry, and she is going to marry a great hero. She will never marry such an ungrateful person.""There is no harm in saying what one thinks." Light looked at Chen Xing, seibel nodded.

But now it is too late to understand, the task has been taken over, don't know how many people waiting to see him make a fool of himself, he is now riding a tiger, know this bone is not good to chew also have to hard."Break the door!" D eyes a bright, sharp drink 1, rushed to YuanMen first."No!" Korea hence and into GongYing face at the same time a change, at this time, suddenly sounded a shrill cry outside the door.天府情话|"I have seen the general." Yang wang stood up, lyu3 bu4 line of a han Chinese etiquette.

天府情话|"Those who block me die!" D eyes, at the moment has only Korea hence, zhang two pike stirred up the wind and rain, will be a close to their soldiers to kill."Oh?" Seibel smell speech eyes a bright, before I felt that the scribe in the crowd, don't want to have such a head, at the moment, is to see zhong yao surrounded by a few soldiers, unexpectedly has almost reached the other side, seibel and wei yan face can not help but change, seibel harsh voice: "quickly solve the battle!""If I don 't come, I' m afraid you 'll bury all the five thousand horses you' ve managed to gather together!" Zhong yao surface sink like water said: "one thousand riders opponent but more than one thousand infantry, unexpectedly damage more than half have not been able to wipe out the opponent! General cao, do you know, now master hand how many cavalry? If all like you, I'm afraid it won't take many battles, master will no longer have cavalry available."

"I am Chen Liu-tsao Peng, and the thief will be named after me!" With the remaining cavalry finally fought out of the regiment, but looked at less than fifty people left behind him and more than three hundred lost horses of infantry, cao peng really didn't expect lyu3 bu4 should have such a strong general, gasping for breath, remote knife pointed to the same flustered, with less than two hundred people around wei yan, lang track.West cool in the army, cavalry, if he now out of the city chase, under the enemy's cavalry charge, instead will suffer a lot."Why?"天府情话|




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