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韩国电视剧拜托小姐|nokla e81"WenHou, months no see, WenHou is to bring too big a surprise to the old man." Hua tuo smiled at lyu3 bu4.All eyes are gathered, unknown so looked at lyu3 bu4, including accompanying hande, also don't understand why lyu3 bu4 at this time of mystery."We are struggling, the enemy also can not afford to consume, siege of the loss of more than twice the guarding city. Seibel hands have been curled knife throw away, wiped the blood on the face, sink a track: "ready to put arrows!"

"I dare not." Chen hastily shook his head and said, "But at the end of the day he thought that the general should avoid suspicion and should not move his troops without authorization.""Arrows!" D fiercely waved."Oh ~" D smell speech sneer at a way: "If not..."韩国电视剧拜托小姐|With the addition of Chen Xing and He Man, Zhou Cang was overjoyed, Chen Xing is the general that lyu3 bu4 likes comparatively, The art of war is not a problem, You can decide things, He Man was born with a real yellow turban, This kind of intimidation of the people, To do it better than anyone else, After some deliberation by the three of them, split up, Zhou Cang continued to lead this group of people to build pontoon bridges across the river, Chen Xing and He Man points troops to other cities to continue to coerce the people, at the same time sent a message to changan, let changan as soon as possible to make a plan, after all, although not as densely populated as nanyang, hanoi is also a fertile place, calculate down, there are more than three hundred thousand people, before the placement of nanyang people delimited the city is some not enough.

韩国电视剧拜托小姐|"Here!" Xu Sheng bow down to lead the life, after the first world war, seibel has established enough prestige in the hearts of all."Throw it out." Lyu3 bu4 frowned, waved."Bochang, what are you doing here?" Liu leopard surprised to see this person, because liu leopard did not go deep into the west cool hinterland, just in the area of beauty, so his men ran much faster than the other four.

At this point, a small school rushed into the account, loudly way: "general, changan urgent!"Hande blushed and shot his chest violently. "The Lord takes a break to look down on people," he said. "I haven't seen a more beautiful woman since I was about to have a baby at the end of my life."D returned to the array with military forces, looked at the camp in the distance, hate hate waved a fist: "I didn't expect Liang Xing this dog thief, unexpectedly so no courage!"韩国电视剧拜托小姐|





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